Maharani Chef’s Recommendations

  • Chicken or Lamb Tikka Massalla
    Barbecued chicken or lamb cooked in special massalla sauce, topped with cream and almonds
  • Prawn Massalla
    Prawn cooked in butter with ground almonds, cream and special massalla sauce
  • Passanda Lamb / Chicken / Prawn
    Thin fillets of lamb / tender pieces of chicken / prawns cooked in Specially blended mild sauce of cream, almonds and sultanas
  • Korai Chicken / Lamb
    Tender pieces of chicken/lamb cooked in roasted spices with Onion, pepper, tomatoes, coriander and methi leaves.
  • Butter Chicken
    Chicken cooked in a mild spiced creamy sauce with butter, almond, pistachio and yogurt
  • Jalfreezi Chicken / Lamb / Prawn
    Cooked in exotic blend of stone ground spices with green chillies, onions, peppers, garlic and ginger.
  • Garlic Chicken
    Cooked in medium hot sauce with cloves of garlic, fresh chilli, tamarind, onions, green peppers and tomatoes.
  • Lamb / Chicken Achari
    Cooked in our unique hot and sour sauce bursting with flavours of different spices; leaves a sweet finish in the tongue!
  • Bengal Fish Delight
    Fresh water catfish fillets (Pangasius fish originated from Bangladeshi rivers) marinated in turmeric, then gently cooked in a medium spiced sauce with mustard seed, onions and coriander
  • Chicken Tikka Madhu
    Barbecued chicken cooked with fresh cream, milk, yoghurt, adored with honey
  • Naga Bhuna Chicken / Lamb (Hot)
    Pieces of chicken/lamb cooked with green chillies, fresh coriander, garam masala and onions
  • Chicken Manchuri
    Medium spicy diced pieces chicken tikka cooked with onions, fresh coriander, tomatoes, special herbs and spices
  • Duck Tikka Bhuna
    Cooked in our thick medium spiced bhuna sauce with onions, tomatoes, fresh chillies, capsicum and touch of garlic
  • Beef Sathkhora
    A Sylheti home style dish cooked with Bagladeshi Sathkora (flavourful citrus fruit grown only in Sylhet), garam masala & spices.
  • Honey Mint
    Mouth watering dish, cooked with honey and mint in chefs own receipe
  • Deshi Lamb Chops
    Grilled spring lamb chop in a medium spiced thick sauce with fried onions and fresh corriander